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We lead, think and act for the long term and take responsibility. We live all of this in the appreciation of our employees, in the promotion of social projects and the conscious use of resources.


We focus on long-term goals, trust and a high degree of freedom. This is also how the various new developments came about that ensure the success of the company.

We achieve a high level of employee loyalty through independent work, constant promotion through training and consistent involvement in the design of processes and procedures.


Social commitment has a high priority. For example, we work with local workshops for the disabled and are valued team members.

In addition to the employment and the joy we can pass on, we see it as a social obligation as a company to give something back. For example, we also support the HPZ in Scharnhausen (Hippo- & Physiotherapie für behinderte Menschen).


In addition to the conscious use of resources in development and production, we invest in sustainability, so the entire administration building is designed in low-energy technology.

For our own supply, we have installed an extensive photovoltaic system since 2017, so that we can generate a large proportion of our energy ourselves.


Our products are modular and can be reused in large parts (complete frame). 99% of the parts are made of metal and therefore quite easily recyclable.

In addition, our products allow immense packing density – so our customers need much less transportation. Up to 50% less space, trucks, planes, etc.