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Rolling, wrapping and textile inspection at the highest precision
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Textile Machines and Textile Inspection

mts plays an important role of the production of clothing fabrics and technical textiles.

Whether rolls, wrapping or product inspection – with the highest precision, the goods are picked up and returned, with edge accuracy, with automatic speed and constant voltage.

Rolls according to customer requirements with stainless steel, woven tree, basket covering, paint, chrome plated, rubberized etc.

Hight-Performance machines ensure trouble-free and fast production processes in a wide variety of applications.

roll / wind

Rolling and winding with highest precision. Rolls with different diameters, Ascending Batch winders and center winders.


Winding and unwinding as a center winder or batching unit. Ergonomic inspection by angled inspection surface.

Roll / Wind

Ascending Batch Winder

Ascending Batch Winder SW 500
Ascending Batch Winder SW 500 S
Ascending Batch Winder SW 501 S
Ascending Batch Winder SW 502

Center Winders

Center Winders ZS 1000 B
Center Winders ZS 1000 C
Center Winders ZS 2000 B
Center Winders ZS 3000

Combination Winder

The combination windertype K 5000 can either be used as a doffer winder or as a center winder. The machine guarantees a hard winding of the dock in both docking and center operations.

In docking mode different winding hardnesses can be generated by means of the programmable flow of the winding roller. The fabric tension is electronically programmable. To relive the dock in the center operation, the maximum weight of the dock can be programmed on the winding roller and the load can be controlled automatically via a load cell.

The automatic docking ejection- and changing rod changing system ensures easy handling on the machine. The control system has recipe management, whereby all winding processes can be reproduced reproducibly and thus can be proven for quality management. Operation is via the color touchscreen, also remote maintenance of the software is optionally possible.

Combination Winder K 5000
Material Storage

Material Storage

Material storage and material condensers for attachment to weaving machines in combination with ascending or center winders.

An automatic filling level control with control of the winding drive is integrated. When changing the pieces, the goods are secured against reverse. The weaving machine continuous to run and fills the material condenser. Even when the weaving machine is stationary, it is possible to continue winding evenly. Vertical viewing area with lighting and cutting optionally possible. Fabrics width and storage capacities on request.


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Compact, modular design. Easy loading and unloading is ensured by open design of the rolling devices.

Winding and unwinding can be carried out either as a center or a topping winder. With the inclined viewing surface, the goods can be ergonomically viewed.

Different versions with edge control, traversing, suction and ionization are possible.

Goods Show Machines


The mts actuators are ideally suited for use with core sleeves and winding tubes made of hard paper. The rotation of the square winding bar pushes the clamp iron outwards, thus causing jamming with the inner wall of the cardboard tube. When the winding or unwinding process is stopped and winding rod is returned to the zero position, the clamp iron detach from the inner wall. With the adjusting rings the driver is fixed in the center of the winding rod, the two centering rings on the right and left ensure a concentricity of the carboard sleeves during the winding or unwinding process.