stack - buffer - feed

Load carriers for automation solutions
We buffer parts. Sure.

Load carriers and Racks

We offer stacking systems, transport containers and feeding systems for the automation. We have extended our specialization in the secure buffering of sheet metal and machined parts as well as other materials such as glass, sensitive surfaces and modules.

mts desings the optimal solutions for your automation process to the requirements of parts placement and process. We bring stacking, gripper and centering together without positional and collision problems.

Over the entire process at your side: from brainstorming via simultaneous engineering, prototype development to series delivery. In addition, you can count on us: We work hard for you in the re-use transaction.


Stack you parts: precise, safe and without them getting stuck or damaged


Store and transport your parts safely with maximum packing density


Tried and tested mechanical solution ensures process reliability for the automation


Stacking columns and part support

Production Stops
Eliminate Parts
mts fingers hold
or clamp parts securely
that work reliably
Part support optimized
for part and application


Racks with single and multiple stacks

Transport cost
Automation ready
Up to 40% more body sides in a rack > smallest spacing

Robotic, automatic locking and unlocking


Drawer carts and turntables

Cost savings


Feed up to 50x more parts for more productivity per square meter
Part buffer up to 8h for production Flexible use of operator
Setup in very short time and without downtime