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Safely Transport Your Battery Components & Lithium-Ion Batteries Throughout the Whole Life Cycle With mts Solutions


Discover the world of Battery Solutions across the entire production process. From cell production, battery components to Battery Pack, i.O. Car batteries to Gigafactory but also n.i.O critically classified lithium-ion batteries. Transporting high-voltage lithium-ion batteries safely in any condition.

Battery Components

In the manufacturing process of a lithium-ion battery, various components are delivered to the battery plant. The focus of our racks is on safe transport with high load density without damage and contamination.


Housing cover
Upper housing
Lower housing
Underbody cover

Automated Handling of Battery Components

Stacking columns for sensitive battery housings

1K or 2K coating prevents surface damages to parts

Sustainable: Re-use Racks With Maximum Space Utilization

  • Racks with maximum flexibility as well as a re-use concept > Up to 90% of parts reusable
  • Overall cost reduction – hight density
  • Increased flexibility

Dust-free transport for sensitive parts

  • Manual and automated loading possible
  • Held securely and dust free

Transport Racks for Lithium-Ion Batteries

i.O. Lithium-Ion Batteries in non critical state.


Solutions for n.i.O.

Transport Racks for Lithium-Ion Batteries

High Precision Battery Racks

  • Highly accurate
  • For robotic handling
  • Fit seamlessly into your assembly lines and AGV systems
  • Optional: Flexible design for different battery models

Mobile Battery Racks for Intra-company Assembly Line Supply

  • Storage & transport for same sized batteries
  • Stacking Columns mounted on carts enabling seamless intra-company logistics
  • Suitable for tugger trains and AGV systems

Flexibility: Mixed Battery Sizes in One Cart for JIS production

  • Battery weight up to 950kg
  • Carts enable easy handling for factory internal logistics
  • Suitable for tugger trains


Box for outdoor storage of critically defective lithium ion batteries.

The Solution for defective Lithium-Ion Batteries

Scope of application: defective cells, modules or non-critical lithium-ion high-voltage batteries.

Solution for n.i.O.

LiioBox Orange

The LiioBox Orange is perfect for storage and transport of defective cells, modules or whole lithium-ion batteries destined for recycling.

D BAM 16018 50A

The BAM determination of the Liio Box is available at

有关 Liio Box 的 BAM 测定结果,请访问。

La determinación BAM de la Liio Box está disponible en

The Solution for Critical Lithium-Ion Batteries

Our Industry-Leading Solution for Defective or Critically Defective Lithium-Ion Batteries: LiioBox. Developed and tested especially for the Worst Case: Critically Defective.

Technical Data

Box for outdoor storage and transport of critically defective lithium ion batteries, which comply with the Liio – BAM specification.

Maximum capacity / payload

89-111 kWh / 1.000 kg


Patented insulation material in double-walled housing

Collection reservoir

Electrically insulated stainless steel container with mts granulate

Flame safeguard

Safe pressure relief in the event of gas release from battery

  • Actual battery temperature
  • GPS Location Tracking

mts LiioBox

Meets all requirements for transport and storage of critical lithium-ion

Box for outdoor storage and transport of critically defective lithium ion batteries, which comply with the Liio – BAM specification.


The BAM determination of the Liio Box is available at

Thermal image taken 24 hours after setting fire to the battery. The thermal reaction of the battery caused temperatures to peak over 1200°C inside the LiioBox. The outside temperature measured on the outside walls of the LiioBox remained less than 100°C during the entire test period.
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feed: Precise positioning of the parts for automation


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