Automation Ready

We offer stacking systems, load carriers, transport containers and feeding systems for automation. We have extended our specialization in safe buffering and provision for automated production lines of three-dimensional metal parts to other materials such as glass, lithium-ion car batteries and e-mobility modules.

Our core competencies

Safe handling of a wide variety of materials: sheet metal, glass, carbon, composite materials, high-voltage batteries, battery modules or assemblies.


Stacking columns for safe parts stacking

Feed load carrier

Automation Ready Feed racks for precise positioning


Load carriers and buffer storage with maximum packing density

Feed LCA

Automation Ready Feed racks for precise positioning

Mts Stack


Handle columns and part holders

Uncompromising parts protection in terms of location and quality


  • Reduce production stops
  • Eliminate component damage
  • mts latches hold or clamp components securely
  • Handle holders that function reliably
  • Part holders optimized for part & application
mts Buffer


Load carrier single / multiple

Maximum packing density for optimum space utilization


  • Reduce transportation costs
  • Automation ready
  • Up to 40% more side panels in one rack > smallest pitches
  • Robot-operated, automatic locking
mts Feed


Feed storage Drawer trolley and rotary storage

LCA | Low Cost Automation


  • Cycle-independent parts supply with mts LCA carts
  • Save costs: Increase productivity
  • Feed up to 50x more parts for more productivity per square meter
  • Automated production for up to 8 hours enables multi-station operation
  • Set-up in the shortest possible time and without downtime