Stacking columns

Stack your parts: precise, safe and without them getting stuck or damaged


Buffer & transport with maximum packing density

Drawer Carts (LCA)

Tried and tested mechanical solution ensures process reliability for the automation

Battery Components

Transport Lithium-Ion Batteries & Battery Components Safely


Our core competencies

Safe handling of a wide variety of materials: sheet metal, glass, carbon, composite materials, high-voltage batteries, battery modules or assemblies.


Stacking columns for safe parts stacking

Feed load carrier

Automation Ready Feed racks for precise positioning


Load carriers and buffer storage with maximum packing density

Feed LCA

Automation Ready Feed racks for precise positioning

Global presence

mts is represented worldwide with its own locations in Germany, Poland, USA and partners in China, Mexico and Turkey.

Smart transportation of high-voltage lithium-ion batteries

Together with ALSCO, we can offer innovative transportation solutions for HV battery production and other new technologies such as offer fuel cells / hydrogen.

From cell production, battery components to battery packs, i.O. car batteries to the Gigafactory, but also lithium-ion batteries classified as n.i.O critical. Transporting high-voltage lithium-ion batteries safely in any condition.

ALSCO Cell Trays

ALSCO Cell Trays

ALSCO Battery Module Trays

ALSCO Battery Module Trays

mts Battery Components Racks

mts Components Racks

ALSCO Battery Racks global

ALSCO Battery Racks global

mts Battery Racks domestic

mts Battery Racks domestic

mts Recycling and Second Life

mts Recycling & 2nd Life



Global partner from development to prototyping to series production;

mts stack-0045

Automation Ready throughout the entire parts handling process.

Sustainable innovation

Our sustainable innovations are designed to bring about positive change – ecologically, socially and economically. We believe that innovation not only shapes the future, but also improves the world. Together we are shaping a sustainable future.

mts Maschinenbau GmbH specializes in the development and production of stacking columns, load carriers for automated production and buffer storage systems. Our solutions are optimized for both battery components and complete high-voltage lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles.

We are pioneers in the development of stacking columns for the separation and safe transportation of 3D components that fit seamlessly into the automated production lines of the automotive industry;


Our high packing density enables us to pack up to 50 % more parts in one load carrier. This allows manufacturers to store and transport more parts in the same space, which contributes to significantly lower transportation costs and a considerable reduction in CO2 emissions.

mts Maschinenbau GmbH is your reliable partner and there for you worldwide, with production sites in Germany, Poland, China and the USA.


mts goes Mexico – Partnership with Intellium
mts goes Mexico – Partnership with Intellium

MTS Maschinenbau strengthens presence in Mexico through partnership with Intellium The strategic cooperation with Intellum, Mexico City marks a significant step in intensifying mts' presence in the American market. Intellium, with its reputation for excellent customer...

Sustainability at mts – Our steps to reduce CO2
Sustainability at mts – Our steps to reduce CO2

Today's world is facing an immense challenge: climate change. More and more companies are recognizing the need to reduce their carbon footprint and implement sustainable business practices. We at mts are also taking concrete steps to reduce our CO2 emissions by...

Showroom expansion in the area of battery production
Showroom expansion in the area of battery production

mts continues to expand its showroom Focus: transportation solutions in battery production In this area, mts and its international partner ALSCO solve all transportation and logistics challenges in battery production;